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What does bisaya mean? i think its Cebuano or something i'm not sure... some girl said it to me and i didn't know what it meant so i kinda just stood there awkwardly...
how intelligible is bisaya to tagalog? do tagalog speakers make fun of visayans?
Help Me with My Bisaya Please!? Hello.. Ok truth I am half white but I feel most filipina on the inside. I have been to PI 4 times and just came back 2 weeks ago. I really really want to go back! I speak somewhat ok Tagalog and pretty decent Visayan, but I want to get my pronouncians better and extend my vocabulary. They treat me like the pretty americana girl with the funny accent. Where might I be able to learn better Visayan? Thank u!!! Ya they were totally surprised when I opened my mouth! Hey, I figured my fam can't speak English so I'm going to learn Bisaya. I'm pretty good, but trying to work on ppl buying the fact that I am a filipina lol. Tapes and books don't work- theres so many different Bisayas that I don't buy their translations are right! Sa Surigao del Sur! Don't be a hater. I don't wear too much makeup. I stand out because I'm pale and my nose is tall. I didn't ask you about my features I asked for help with my Bisayan. Don't come hertr to critize, its rude
I wanna speak Bisaya? My mom and my grandparents always spoke Bisaya to each other, so I only learned English. I'm not a passive speaker either, but I heard Bisaya enough that whenever I hear it, it reminds me of my childhood. I wish I could speak it, it just feels so home-like?
I want to learn Bisaya? Hi people! I would like to learn Bisaya. It would be great if you guys can help me out or give me a little support. How should i start? Where can I get the learning ressources? How should i learn it? I am looking forward for many many answers and thanks to you all in advance.. regrads abnkat Bisaya is used in Davao City, It seems to be a mix of Cebuano and Tagalog.
english-bisaya.please translate.? --meet me tomorrow at pompano 18-- ---i don't know what to do--- ----have you tried this already?---- -----What's up----- ------Hi------ -------What's going on------- --------Bye--------- ----------I hate you--------- -----------hello-------------- ------------what the heck?-------
Bisaya to english translation? My friend speaks bisaya but i dont really know how to read it so can you please translate this: omg..bisaya jud ka?[taga-asa diay ka?]taga davao ko pero naa na ko sa america^^ please and thanx a lot
bisaya to english translation? what does this mean? "guwapa nsa gitna"
need help in bisaya language? someone msg me a txt in bisaya language, but i cannot respond or even read it because i have no idea what it means? can anyone please help me understand this txt- "Bkn rn sgd smlak dia." thanks~
RE: What is really a BISAYA? many Filipinos are so confused about this term like the previous question
can anyone translate Bisaya? lol if so whats this mean kasi nga nahuhulog na loob ko sa yo
what are the traits of a bisaya? I am not a bisaya.I grew up in Manila. But I have many close friends and love among the bisaya. But I wonder why so many non bisaya hated them. All of us negative traits. But when it is a bisaya, they scorned on them as something as "bisaya kasi".
Help with bisaya phrases? Trying to interpret some conversational bisaya and need help with some words and phrases that I am not finding in the bisaya dictionary so they may be slang. For example "naka", "taga", "ika", "mangari", "dal-on", phrases like "sana jud mao nana" - can anyone help?
Can someone translate this for me? Bisaya? buddy kailangan mag break up namo ni mr starbucks. super inlove ra kaayo ka sa iya hahah and also this jud koh ala pa ko ka CMBA!!!! huhuhu nkasala na also please 0=)
translate to tagalog to bisaya pls...? hoy...magandang umaga musta na? wala lang nangngungulit lang ako...ala naman masama diba? hahasige hanggan dito susunod ulit.paalam!ingat ka dong...
attitudes of the bisaya? would you help me?
Bisaya and Waray to Tagalog Translation.Help!? guys can you help me translate these words in tagalog.thank you so much in advance! 1. Waray -gidara -yana -kulop -kakulop -waray upay -maaram -maupay -mag-ina -diri -may-ada 1. Bisaya -dagway -bug-at -kinaadman -tarung -salig -manggitahurun -humut -buhilaman -gaduka -hilak tnx much:)
Can anyone Translate this bisaya? Anak ng teteng!! wala lang...
Philippines Bisaya Visayan Cebuana translation to English? Please can you translate this from Bisaya/Visayan to English. dili te ui Thanks is it an expression that means literally NO, or is it like a jokey no?
Bisaya to english translation? im trying to learn bisaya to speak with my son he is due july 2 so im wanting a head start. yes i can learn from his mother just wanted to put extra time in to progress faster. ive been searching internet and cant tell. is bisaya more close to cebuano or visayan? im trying to find a bisaya course to buy online is why. thanks
Does the people in the Tagalog regions understand Cebuano/Bisaya? I live here in Davao and we widely speak in Cebuano/Bisaya, but we can also understand and speak Tagalog. Is this the same in the Tagalog regions?
Bisaya to English Translation? My filipina girl friend text to me bisaya. I cant understand. Help me. ----------------------------- Nman m karuyag nga iba nga yakan? Dri u ngani msabtan wra aq mhimo. Kunta dri gud mgbg o hasta s kahasta... ----------------------------- I need help!! This Text recieved by Mobile.
what does this mean in bisaya / filipino? Kamao na jud lage ka ug bisaya, love jud ko nimu tinuod? please help and thank you :)
bisaya translation english? Hello, can someone help me to translate this exactly in english please? Tagaidakan naay basi may imo kwarta.baydan t dakaw ky magbayad p ako nan 10thousand n pagautang k panganak. Mangutang ako kan bec2 nan bayad k kan kuya pol baydan ta dakaw nan 2,500. Kn maka2kwarta. Thanks.
Is Tagalog or bisaya hard to learn ? If things goes good with my buddy I might be moving to the Philippines in a few years
Is Bisaya a dialect or a language? It is found in the Philippines, and I think it is also called a visayan. I'm pretty sure it's a language but I just want to check.
can someone translate bisaya/tagalog to english pls? hai sige padungog dungog!labon sumbagay nalang ba para mahuman bitaw,para mabal an kinsa modaug ba sumo sige lang istorya!ang maigo gulity
Why do you tagalog people look down on us bisayas? there are very few bisaya people where i live, every filo i meet is nearly always tagalog. But it seems like you hold us in disdain. My gf parents told her to break up with me just coz the fact is im bisaya. What is it about us you hate? nah its not just my gf parents, at filo fest people i meet give me the dirty's once they found out im from cebu or bisaya
for bisaya people only: how do you make humba? this question is only for people in eastern visayas... how do you make humba? not the vinegar and soy sauce kind... but the kind that uses sugar. the one that's sweet and reddish. it's called binukid nga humba coz it's usually people from the mountains or the provinces that makes really good binukid nga humba. can anyone help me? i've been trying to search for a good recipe online but can't find any. help! if you don't know the answer to this, please don't answer. obviously, you haven't had one before. for people who did, it brings to mind a really good tasting dish. no... it's not the same as how you make vinegar and soy sauce humba. that one is more like soup... while there isn't much soup to the binukid one. more like sauce lang. i know how to make the vinegar and soy sauce humba... but i need a really good binukid humba recipe. i've been craving for that jud. way kahibaw ana noh? paeta...
What country are you from and what languages do you speak? Any other fascinating things about it?
Translator for Filipino? Nope. Wla man me buwag buwag Map hghpon. Buwag Kami pa sa along uyab HUH ! buwag balik mOh sah imOng uyab ??? Nope. Wla man me buwag buwag ahH ... pila nmn mOh kah buwa n rOn ???
What language is spoken on the island of Leyte in the Philippines? Tagalog or Cebuano? My great-grandfather was from Leyte and I'm interested in learning the language at some point. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was little, so I never got the opportunity to learn about my heritage from him.
visayan translation, please? how do you say "i can't speak visayan" in ilonggo..?
bisaya to english translation? ak nit i as akilubtan if this is not bisayan can someone tell me what it is because the person that sent this is from davao city del sur n speaks bisayan?
Filipino lullabies.......? Anyone know any christian themed lullabies sung on tagalog? Or just filipino lullabies in general. Tell me the title and I might be able to search the lyrics and how its sung on google or youtube. Thanks =)
can anyone translate this for me..i think it's bisaya or manobo i'm not sure.? Tu mgo otuw na nahilambigit: “KUNA KOW OG PANGWENTA KU MAY DOON IN BUGOY NU TO KASUONAAAAN NO!” (To give and not to count the cost, GETZ NYO!!!?) EEHHHHHH! OG KASIKAWAN ki man naan kog ilingon nu tibo “MGA MunGO CONCERN KAPAMILYA, kapuso, kapatid hala apil un kan mga CNN, ABC dow DXDA” og pamujo kan kwarta angod to BANKO dow ATM sidan! WAAAADA maskin sabuka nu KULIGA PIGBUGOY nu!! TIBU GRASYA TU MAGBABAJA! BASIN IKAGIHON DOW MIGTUO KAN DUMA NU MONGU OTUW NA MAY DUON IM BUGOY NU KANAMI! TO ALBERT : YOU ARE A PRICK. Dialects are considered to be subcategories of a language. You are just another moronic white douchebag.
I want to learn how to speak Bisaya, how should I go about learning the language? I am half American and half Filipino. My mother is completely fluent in both English and Bisaya and is willing to teach me the language. However, we do not know how to go about this. Where should we start? How do we follow through with it? What are some teaching methods that she should use?
Where and how should I learn Bisaya? I want to learn this language because it is spoken in the family. Just for tips, where can I learn it besides through family (they are always busy)? Is there an online chat thing I could join maybe? Or online dictionary. I have one for cebuano, but it doesn't seem very accurate with bisaya. Also, what are some greetings in Bisaya?
How do you say "Philippines here I come!" in Bisaya? How do you say it both in Bisaya and Tagalog?
Please translate from english to ilonggo or bisaya: is this your baby? Please translate from tagalog to ilonggo or bisaya: baby or anak mo ba ito?
How do you say "I'm sorry. I did not mean to break your heart" in Bisaya? How do you say: "I'm sorry. I did not mean to break your heart" in Bisaya?
How/where could I get a Bible which is in Bisaya(Visaya)? (philippines, island of Buhol, one of the languages)? I went to the philippines and spent some time there, and I really wanted to fine a bible which is in the language of many of the people on the island of Buhol. Bisaya/Visaya. Does anyone know where I could buy one? from the states.
What is the best language course to learn tagalog? Trying to learn tagalog or bisaya. Are there any good language courses out there? I have tried one that was pretty expensive, but turned out to be mostly worthless. Also need something that includes CDs so I will learn to pronounce correctly. The one I have includes CDs, but the people talking are not speaking it correctly, (as I found when I went there). Salamat po. Paalam na!
When do i use SA and when do i use ANG in Cebuano/Bisaya? I am learning Cebuano/Bisaya for about 1 1/2 years.However,i am still confused when to use SA and when to use ANG.I have tried the interent for answers without any luck.Perhaps a native Cebuano/Bisaya speaker can explain.Thanks
How to say you look cute in Bisaya? Well theres the girl that I know and im not that good at bisaya. . . so yeahh i just wanna know how to say this correctly, thanks :)
What are good recipes for vegetables to sell in a carenderia/eatery? I am opening in 1 week, and lack vegetable recipes. I already have pinakbet, guisadong batong. Plwease advise. Native vegetable dishes, please. Also have utan bisaya.
What do locals call cebu city in their native language? In both english and cebuano (aka bisaya). If you any answers in languages other than these, please put them in. Thanks!
Is Bisaya, Cebuano & Visayan all names for the same language? I am learning Tagalog & Bisaya and when I do research about Bisaya I find many websites about Cebuano & Visayan with the same words and phrases so I was wardering if Bisaya, Cebuano & Visayan are the same languages are not?
Can anyone recomend a school or teacher in Cebu city or Mactan island where I can study Bisaya? I'm English but I hope to move to Lapu Lapu next year and I realy want to learn Bisiya. As of now my Bisaya is so limited. I know when I try to speak people think its funny but when iI live in Cebu I want to speak the language so I will be accepted!
Is it true that eating chicken on New Year's Eve is not advisable if you want your year to be prosperous? Belief has it that if one eats chicken on New Year's eve, one will not have a very fruitful year. Look at how the chicken religiously scratches the ground to find food. In Bisaya we call it "kakha tuka". Is this true or not?
what is the english translation for this filipino sentence kaila pd ka ani haloutch? My apologies. dont know whether this is tagalog or bisaya and dont know the actual spelling of some abbreviated words.
How do you say in Bisaya? How do you say "I love my family" in bisaya?
Does anyone know a site that teaches bisaya/cebuano? I'm learning it because I will be going to the philippines to meet a friend, and his family in the future. Since his family isn't good at speaking english I want to talk to them in bisaya/cebuano. If anyone can help me that would be great.
what is the purpose of candle in the preparation of acapulco ointment? here's the link for you to see how the oinment is prepared: I just wanted to know what is the purpose of the candle.. thanks to those who will answer...
Should I go to the Philippines for college? I was wondering how colleges worked there, whether I should stay where I am currently (UAE), if I would get a good job (in the UAE) after college if I studied in De La Salle or any other good college there, and other stuff like that. I am currently in the ninth grade and I heard that I do not need to take grades 11 and 12 to study there (The batch of students before mine has too). My mom is a Filipino and I can speak and understand tagalog and bisaya (Main languages in the Philippines) any other extra information will be appreciated.
How can I learn tagalog within less than a month? I'm in 4th yr high school but I have absolutely know little about tagalog because I was raised outside the Philippines and have only lived here for less than a year I never cared about it because we're gonna have a debate in december and it'll decide whether I can graduate or help please? Btw I know bisaya well and basic knowledge in tagalog only
Need translation to english I think its in Bisaya? I have a few sentences I need translated from I think Bisaya or Tagalog to english- Thank you. 1.) hala kaila lge ko ani..hehe 2.) samot nani..hehe 3) preha lge mo ug nawong? igsoon mo?
Where can I translate an english letter to bisaya? i have a letter for my mom in the philippines and i need it to be in bisaya. does anybody know where can i send the letter to by email and translate it and email it back? please help. but for free too.
how to understand the expression ssssshhhhhh in bisaya? how to interpret or understand the expression ssssshhhhhhh in bisaya or cebuano.
How to make a Kinilaw? I miss kinilaw. i want to taste a bisaya food! i like bisaya food because it is tastes good! lol
Translation of vampire in Bisaya(filipino language) and also werewolf? plz plz plz...i've been looking all over google and i can't find a english to bisaya one. plz plz plz tell me! p.s. it would help alot if you were a bisaya speaker!
I want to learn how to speak Bisaya, where can I find a website to do this? I am a filipino american. I never seem to understand my family in the Philipines. I want to learn but I don't know where I can. My family speaks Bisaya. I need help finding something to help me learn. My family doesn't speak english very well
please translate from english to ilonggo or bisaya: who is this? is this your husband? please translate from tagalog to ilonggo or bisaya: sino ito? asawa mo ba yan nasa picture?
What are the 'kaugalian' of Visayan people? hi to all. please help me on my assignment. does kaugalian of the bisaya include their customs, traditions and also festivals? I've only found some festivals so please help me find some customs and traditions. thanks in advance.
How to Make a Cebuano Balbacua? Hello everyone esp mga Bisaya, pls provide if how can I make delicious balbacua same as Ramos style in Cebu? Thanks in advance
How many languages can you speak/understand? Can you name 'em? I can speak: -Bisaya. -Tagalog. -English. -French. -a little bit of Spanish. (:
please translate from tagalog to ilonggo or bisaya: may anak na ba kayo? baket di ka pa umuwi dito? please translate from english to ilonggo or bisaya: do you have kids? why have you not come home yet?
What are five(5) Herbal Medicines in the Phil. approved by the DOH in Bisaya version: ....? CONTENTS SHOULD INCLUDE: The description of the plant, Uses, Parts to be used, The dosage, and the Different preparation.. please...please..please in bisaya or waray-waray dialect only...
What are the best resources to learn bisaya? My parents keep bugging me that I don't know their native dialect, but they don't want to teach me themselves. And when I look up different videos on YouTube, they only give me basic phrases that are already branded into my head. What's a good free suggestion?
Can someone point me in the direction of a good site to Learn Simple Bisaya? Im going to Cebu. and thats the language they speak there. so I thought it would be good to learn.
Can Someone give me ideal bisaya and tagalog sentences and words? Thanks :) Im learning it because im going to a trip their soon.
How do you ask a father permission to marry his daughter in Bisaya? For the brain dead and No Problem that would be in Bisaya not English
Is there a site I can learn to speak a phrase Bisaya? Not only do I need to know what the spelling is but I also need the pronunciation. Please assist before valentines day. Oh ok well I guess I should be more specific I plan to translate and sing a love song in her language for valentines day. I figured at least a phrase translator could help.
please help me translate these tagalog words into other filipino languages? lagay (as in put) - translate to cebuano, bisaya and waray langgam - translate to kapampangan mukha translate in bicolano panget translate in ilocano.. pogi translate in ilocano and bicolano bahay translate in bisaya and waray lalake translate in kapampangan and cebuano pagkain translate in ilonggo and bisaya damit translate in waray and kapampangan i need this badly for my school assignment.. thanks.. =)
please translate from tagalog to ilonggo or bisaya: kailan ka mag-online? anong oras? please translate from english to ilonggo or bisaya: when will you go online? what time?
What is Parsley in tagalog or Bisaya? I know "Kinchay" is Chinese Parsley. Is that the same as normal Parsley here in the Philippines? Does it induce menstruation also?
Long term American expats, why so few of you speak the local language? Whether it be tagalog, bisaya, waray, bicolano, whatever. Europeans, non-British ones that is, typically become fluent or at least conversant in a couple of years or less from arrival. To be fair, over the years I have dealt with Americans diplomats, professional businessmen, missionaries and non-profit volunteers who bucked this trend. The irony is that the rest who are least fluent, or downright have completely zero language skills, are the American spouses married to Filipina wives for DECADES. I find it weird, it does not compute. Intentional? Lazy? I mean, how can that be an advantage to them? No wonder these guys also whine about being overcharged of otherwise jiffed by a local. Maybe it's just because they don't understand or simply misunderstand conversations with local pinoys. I can understand why some of their wives would intentionally dissuade them from learning, since it's so much easier for them to talk behind his back--right in front of him. This is not conjecture, I was just in a party where an angry wife is shooting her mouth off about her hubby's faults (e.g., "he's too lazy", "overspender", "always moody" etc.) to an amiga standing directly in front of him in a Filipino dialect. Whenever he gets suspicious about the subject of the conversation, the wife just gives him a wide toothed smile and then her amiga chimes in a lie that they're discussing the rising price of bagoong and hatred of democrats. Seriously. Opinions? Observations?
What is the scientific classification of "shrimp suahe" and "squid bisaya"? Domain: Kindom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus: Species:
What does the tagalog/bisaya phrase "tambay salakay" mean in english? In this context, tambay means "do-nothing" or "person who doesn't work". But I can't find a translation of salakay that fits with this definition of tambay.
I need to translate these sayings from English to Bisaya for a t-shirt company here in the u.k? I need to know the Bisaya for..... End poverty.... and.... Stop corruption In case you wonder why its for a Christian org here
bisaya to english translate i need to be able to translate bisaya to english as im in the philippines? i need to be able to translate visayan to english as im in the philippines
who is the artist who made up the bisaya version of low? who made up the bisaya version of low?? i like it.. : D
can you translate this paragraph in bisaya? The Bailen is one of the municipalities of Cavite. Although it is not known as of the neighboring municipalities there are lots of beautiful traits that can be seen there. It is surrounded by green forests, clean and clear rivers, cold and fresh air and above all kind and hospitable people. May the time comes that it will raise and be identified and may its natural beauty be conserved.
How do you translate this poetically in bisaya? "My love for you burns like the white hot intensity of a... "My love for you burns like the white hot intensity of a thousand suns." got that from fairly odd parents. lol i think its beautiful. by the way... bisaya is a dialect in the Philippines. cebuano or ilonggo will do
What is the English of Kokak? I think it's a bisaya word? I've encountered this word several times and I'm curious what it means. I can speak a little tagalog but I don't know the meaning of this word. Is it bisayan? Anong english ng kokak? Alam ba nyo?
What is the Scientific classification of "shrimp suahe" and "pusit bisaya"? Domain: Kindom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus: Species:
Can you help me with these three questions about Tagalog? They might be too basic. 1. Are "ho" and "po" intercheangable in a sentence? I know there is a slightly difference (that I am still not sure I understand). Where should it be placed? After the verb? Could it be placed in some other place in the sentence "Saan po ang Bagyo?"? 2. I think I understand the differences and similarities between "saan" and "nasaan". But... can a question with "saan" be answer with "nasa" and a question with "nasaan" be answered with "sa"? As in "Saan doon ang Samar? Doon nasa Bisaya ang Samar". Or the answer MUST be "Doon sa Bisaya ang Samar"? 3. Yes, you guessed right: I am an absolute beginer. And this one will confirm this: In my close-minded western mind, I would have expected that in "Ang mga pulong ito ang Bisaya", the linker -ng were applied to "ito" and not to "pulo"! Does this mean that this linker can be used in words other than adjectives? Salamat for your help. Of course the online dictionary is of no help here. I already know the translations. I am asking about their usage. Only one more thing. Is Baybayin taught at any level? I guess most of edcation is either in Tagalog or in English. I am sorry for my ignorance about this. Is Baybayin script still used in some way? Thanks again.
How do you say mosangit(bisaya) in tagalog? I have my tooth done and the crown is too big everytime I eat mosangit siya sa ako ngipon sa obos. So, how do you say that in tagalog? THanks this question is only for filipino.,.. ok?? got that?? kapeeshhh??? Anyway, it could be either mosangit or mosangyad..
Does anyone know the language Bisaya? I know this question has been asked in the past but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am needing to learn bisaya as easily and as fast as possible. Any help would be great. Yes Bisaya is a language used by natives of the Philippines. I am working with some people and it would be great to be able to speak to them in their native language. I am in the United States and workings with a couple of people who speak Bisaya and hardly any English that is why I am wanting to learn.
How to prepare for the University of San Carlos (Cebu) entrance exam? Hello there, if ever you've studied in this university it would be nice if you could offer some tips when taking and preparing for the exam itself and how the whole exam would work out, thank you, and do the students speak english? I don't really speak the common dialect (bisaya)
What is thankyou in bisaya? if you are a bisaya person i really need this asap school proj.
How do you say things in bisaya? Like how do you say Your mean or your a idiot or how are you doing or whats your favorite color, who your favorite singer
Can anyone please help with translation from bisaya please? i got a txt from a friend wich i dont understand, "cla annie wen cla uli dai? nlove na jd na c tony nimu dai" Can anyone please tell me what that means? its a txt message so it is possible that some words are shortened down.
How do you say this in Bisaya or Cebuano? - Thank you very much! - thank you! - have a nice day! - good evening! - good night! - good morning! - i miss you - how are you? - im ok - im fine Thanks kind people!!!
How do you say this in English: "ako kang gikamay, niuk-uk ka nako" (Bisaya)? Inspired by Kwago who was inspired by WiaC (hehe) Again, I want this question answered by fellow Filipinos. What other forum would best give correct answer without going through so much hustle?
I want to learn Visaya a dialect of the Philippines. AKA Bisaya, binisaya or Cebuano.? I already know a few words. But I would like to learn more. Any suggestions.
looking for someone thats speaks bisaya pls? im looking for someone that speak bisayan pls that i can talk to through yahoo messenger, ifyou can help me pls let me know.
can someone please translate this english sentence into tagalog or cebuano/bisaya? "How come you are not going with your dad's family for Christmas"
How do I say "She is cute" in Bisaya? Since I'm not at level 2 to rate. Thank you guys!!! I wrote "Siya mao kyut!" I should've asked first. I'm trying to learn Bisaya. =D
Can some translate these short sentances from Cebuano or Bisaya? Ai ayaw pd.. Harsh mana.. Yaw sad anah joYce.. magbaha ug luha! over2 na nxa! la pa bia ta nagkakita balik. .
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